Bulletin and newsletter back issues now available

Dipterists Forum Bulletin - coverThe Bulletin of the Dipterists Forum is sent to DF members twice a year, and each issue contains a huge amount of news and information. We make back issues available to everyone to download after a two-year period, and these can now be found on our Bulletin page (under the "Resources" menu). But to keep up to date with the latest Bulletins as they are published please do join Dipterists Forum!

The Diptera recording schemes also produce newsletters on a more or less regular basis, and we have compiled links to as many of these as possible into a single recording scheme newsletters list (also under the "Resources" menu, and also linked from the individual recording scheme pages).

So if you are missing seeing flies during the winter months don't despair! There is enough material here to ensure that even the darkest days are filled with Diptera!

Thanks to Darwyn Sumner for his work in collating the electronic copies and hosting them via his European Micropezids & Tanypezids website.

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