Webinar: Identifying and recording Soldierflies and Allies

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Tanyptera Trust

Soldierfly specimenA webinar organised by the Tanyptera Trust.

Some of the UK’s largest and most colourful insects can be found within the soldierflies and allies (the “allies” include robberflies, bee-flies, horseflies, snipefies and six other smaller families). Some are easy to find whereas others require dedicated searching, but these flies are within reach of anyone with an interest in insects. Along with the hoverflies they provide an ideal starting point for the study of Diptera (true flies), with good identification keys available in well-illustrated books.

The Soldierflies and Allies Recording Scheme has recently been producing a series of well-illustrated identification guides, aimed at helping recognise the species in the field and from photos. The webinar will help you learn to recognise the group, and provide tips on how to find and photograph them.The webinar will be presented by Martin Harvey, who runs the Soldierflies and Allies Recording Scheme.

We will end with an interactive question and answer session.

Please book your space via Eventbrite and you will be sent information on how to join the webinar.