Introduction to ‘Craneflies’ (Tipulidae)

Start date
Pete Boardman
Event address

The Pelham-Clinton Building, Dinton Pastures Country Park, Davis Street
Hurst, Reading
RG10 0TH
United Kingdom


Pete Boardman (Bridgnorth). This workshop will provide attendees with an introduction to the natural history of cranflies or daddy long-legs. The aim of the workshop is to increase confidence in there identification, ecology and curation of specimens. Resources: The most up to date identification keys are downloadable as PDFs from ‘The catalogue of the craneflies of the world’ website; They are within the literature section and referenced Stubbs, A.E. & Kramer, J – 2016a – 2016k. Please download these and bring them along if you can. Please bring any specimens you have that you’d like to look at of your own though don’t worry if you don’t have any, I will bring a stock that are ok to poke and prod.