Identification of True Flies (Diptera) to family level

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BENHS, Dinton Pastures Country Park
RG10 0TH
United Kingdom


Suitable from anyone from 10 years onwards and for all abilities. Join us for a two day workshop if you would like to learn to identify these fascinating creatures to family level. Did you know that they enable beetles to break down compost and that many are important pollinators? They also have very interesting behaviour. During this weekend you will learn to recognise the main characters needed to identify flies to family level or some even further. You will see how to collect them and will learn how to build up a collection. We will talk about their major habitats and get to know some of their amazing natural history. They provide all major ecosystem services, but are too often forgotten. You will receive a draft key and we will discuss some of the available identification keys and which families are suitable for beginners or are more challenging. The course is taught by two experienced dipterists, John and Barbara Ismay, who are happy to share their passion for these insects. Further details will be posted on the BENHS site in due course.

Dinton Pastures is SU 784718, turn left off the B3030 driving North from Winnersh. The site is about 15 minutes walk from Winnersh station, which has trains running on a half-hourly service from Reading and Waterloo.